HP’s all-in-one PC is awesome!

We had raining models from different companies in laptops, tablets and smartphone segments this year already. But now, it is time for a PC! Yes, a personal computer! HP has come up with its new all-in-one PC named the Spectre ONE, which is priced at $1299.

HP SpectreOne

It is 11.5 mm thick at its thinnest point and HP made sure that the computer is away from routine features like TV tuner and optical drive. Instead, the company has provided enough for the users to use online services and downloads to watch video content. However, there is no touch screen for the gadget; given that HP wanted to make a thin model this time, touch screen would have been an obstacle and will also add up to the cost!

Our source mentions that there are 4 USB ports, one SD, one Ethernet, one HDMI and a 3.5mm ports. Along with some mind-blowing looks, HP also incorporated NFC (Near Field Communication) to Spectre ONE to transfer files from other gadgets which is boarded with NFC.

Models are out in sizes of 23.6”, 27” and 30”. Take a look at these images and you will definitely be thrilled by such gadget! If you want to have a PC this season, maybe you should go for this!