HTC One S Review Revisited

HTC is definitely the quietest player in the smartphone market if I was to talk about the people perception and inclination to go for an HTC product. However that’s precisely why the company tags itself as “quietly brilliant”. The lineup of HTC products often generate the feeler of a no show among initial viewers but the experience of using them often have the people turning into loyalists. Now this is something I derive from the innumerable talks that I have had with my technology and gadget geek friends. So continuing with my Ode to Reviews which takes you through machines that have made you happy in the near past and are in some ways redefining a mobile device market player’s presence in the market today, let me take you through one of HTC’s happy machines, the HTC One S. The HTC One S has been quoted by theverge as “The One S as a whole won’t survive reentry into the earth’s atmosphere, but part of it might”. I would like to add on by saying that “The One S mightnot be HTC’s best ever, but definitely it would be one of HTC’s market redefinition’s best contenders”. Reason? The One S is the slimmest smartphone ever manufactured by HTC and one of the sexiest from its phone lineup and a hooker and stunner even by standards of its competing phones. Its also one phone that has given the industrial design standards of the market a definite facelift. Needless to say this machine had to feature in my ode to reviews because believe it or not this machine is actually going to make a few of you happy if I say the least. Reason to be more machinehappy, check out the specs.


DIMENSIONS SPEAK : The HTC One S as experienced by its users and also for those without its usage experience is one of the most slim and trim phones around. In fact its size and weight specs give it a heady sensuous look and feel. Of course because of its slim design, the battery has to be fixed and is not user removable. However inspite of this inconvenience if it may be called that, the dimensional statistics of the HTC One S pack quite a punch packing into it the features of  being longer, wider and more deep than  the Blackberry phones and giving that good mix of seductive looks with the feel of strength in your hands which has largely been a Blackberry advantage.

  • SIZE: 130.9 x 65 x 7.8 mm
  • WEIGHT: 119.5 grams with battery



DISPLAY: The HTC One S doesn’t score high in its display performance. The  problem that creeps in is because of the Pentile Matrix Super AMOLED screen because of which in the whites and gray lines a hint of blue is seen. Other phones like the galaxy Nexus too sport a similar display but manage to override its cons by using much higher pixel density. The display features rounded up :

  • DISPLAY: 4.3-inch AMOLED
  • RESOLUTION: 960 x 540 (qHD)


POWER: The HTC One S features a 1650 mAh battery capacity. However this isn’t what you would call enough considering the features packed into the phone. However I wouldn’t say the battery is a disaster but it could have been better.

SOUND, CAMERA ,ACTION : The HTC audio features are branded with the beatsaudio brand. HTC has taken lots of pains to integrate the beatsaudio additive to the audio offering on One S. For those who are unaware of what beatsaudio does, it acts a bass booster for the audio playback. However can’t say whether the ploy of brand collaboration actually worked for HTC because while the better bass output is commendable, the audio does get spikey on a minor scale when hitting notes high. But for everyone who get a high with that booming bass output, beatsaudio is perfect.

Going over the camera action, the hardware design of the camera isn’t that uber cool considering the slightly prominent camera protrude that is visible. However the camera performance of the One S is definitely commendable. HTC has worked hard with the camera specs fitting in a number of recommendable features. Worth a mention is the fitting in of still capture and video recording into the same space allowing the user to take a still snap even while a recording is on. To know more just check out the snazzy features which I sourced from HTC’s own specs take.

  • 8 megapixel camera with auto focus, smart LED flash, and BSI sensor (for better low-light captures)
  • F2.0 aperture and 28mm lens
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • VGA front camera
  • Dedicated imaging chip
  • Capture a photo in the midst of recording HD video
  • Continuous shooting mode captures multiple snapshots
  • Auto flash smartly determined by distance from your subject
  • Video stabilization feature removes annoying, shaky motion
  • High quality slow motion video capture and playback
The action in the HTC One S is definitely the seamless integration of its features and the cool designing and body engineering of the phone. The seamless integration and utilization of the ice cream sandwich OS from Android definitely gives this machine one happy fast and seamless performance capability.
PRICE– At 455$ the pricing is  a 3.5/5
All in all the HTC One S is a machine definitely capable of making you happy with its looks, features and performance and although one can’t comment on its brand emboldening prowess for HTC, still undoubtedly its a quietly brilliant product from the HTC stables and a stunning hooker at that.