HTC One V: The Budget One

HTC One V is the cheapest among the HTC One series devices.  Here is our take.


At first look, one will realize that the One V is not like the other One series device. HTC has used a design feature that reminds us of the HTC Legend. Yes, the One V has a chin; the bottom of the device is bent towards you, similar to the HTC Legend. The whole body of the dice is built using aluminium and is a unibody. This gives the device a premium feel. The Gorilla Glass screen cover protrudes a bit, half a millimeter or so. The top of the glass is cut to accommodate the speaker. Also the glass covering starts from the very top, which is again not found on other One series device. To be frank, the overall design One V is completely different from what we seen on other One Series device. Even the placement of the cam is towards the top corner left, whereas the One X, One S and the One X+, all have their cam at the centre. The only similarity between the One V and other One devices, would be the curved back edges, which makes it more comfortable to hold the device. Over all the design of the One V is really good and it is something HTC should replicate in other future devices.


Devices from the series are known for their really good hardware specs. The One X, HTC’s answer for Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which some might say is better than the S III, or its latest One X+, which made work of rivals more difficult. These are the devices which put HTC in the big boys club and make HTC a brand which people consider while buying a smartphone. But it seems HTC has forgotten that they were making a One Series device while designing the hardware for the One V. The One V, has a 3.7inch 480X800 LCD display, which gives a ppi density of 252, which is a bit too less. On the performance side, it has a 1GHz single core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which again is on the downside. Normal games like temple run will work without any problem, but apps which require more computing power might lag a bit. The One V has a 1500mAh battery which is not that impressive. Cam wise it has a 5MP cam and no front facing secondary cam.It also has a 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. Overall hardware is not impressive and makes one doubt if it is a One series device.


The One V comes with Android 4.0 ICS, with HTC’s Sense 4. The overall UI is pretty good and does not lag. And it has been made better with the Jelly Bean update. Also HTC is providing some goodies with the device. These include Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Polaris Office, 7Digital, and TuneIn Radio. Also included is Beats Audio Enhancer, but HTC to include the Beats earphones, which is kinda sad. Over all the software is good, but some Android fans might say that it can be improved, especially the UI.

What we say

The One V is a really good device when it comes to design and software, but lacks in hardware. HTC could have done better, especially since it is a One series device. The One V is a good device for ones who don’t use apps which require lots of resources, you will definitely like. But for others, you might feel annoyed when it starts lagging during heavy use.

Looks: 4/5

Performance: 3/5

Value: 3/5