If you are tired of hearing Samsung and Nokia then here is a new name to check out, the new HTC ONE X PLUS.The improved and better version of HTC ONE X. So whats new in this smartphone which makes it different compared to other cells.

The one thing that will pull you towards it is the 89GB storage memory. Your mind will be constantly tingling what more can you add in your phone.More photos to click, More videos to add also More movies to watch from the amazing screen.

Let’s go through some of the specs of ONE X plus.


It has 4.7 inch super LCD 2 touch screen with Gorilla Glass 2 which gives incredible video viewing experience and the strong gorilla glass 2 protects it under the worst situations and conditions.


It has 25GB of dropbox space which gives you an option of automatically saving all your photos and videos to Dropbox – and access and share all your pictures directly from the Gallery. Dropbox also makes it easy to edit and share files while you are on the go. Also it has 64GB internal memory storage which gives you 89GB of memory storage on your device giving you freedom of storing any number of images videos and movies on your device.


All of these impressive, class-leading features are packed into a slim, lightweight polycarbonate unibody with a 2.5 D Gorilla Glass curved screen that flows around the phone’s edges. HTC One X plus offers viewing capabilities even at extreme angles. It’s sophisticated design  stands in a class all its own.It’s weight is just 135 grams and due to it’s slim body you can carry it anywhere you want without any trouble.


It has a 8 megapixel camera with auto focus, LED flash, and BSI sensor which allows you to take HD pics also HD videos which gives you more clarity compared to normal low resolution cameras. It also has 1.6MP front camera which gives a good option of video calling and using Skype.


It has 1.7 Ghz Turbocharged processor which  makes experience more agile and responsive than ever. Browse, stream and download at speeds that weren’t possible before. See games come alive with more realistic and fluid rendering, the way their creators intended. Perform a multitude of tasks effortlessly on the go.


With the beats headphones you wont be hearing to music but actually feeling the music with deeper bass, crisper vocals and detailed high notes for all your songs, games, movies and videos.


With So many amazing features ONE X  Plus delivers high performance results. This piece of device is available at price range of Rs.39800 in India which is really high for the smartphone of this category.With this price you can actually opt for Galaxy Note 2 which is a good option to go for at this price.

Machine Happy Verdict:


Price- 3/5