6.1 Inches Screen for Smartphones?- The New Huawei Ascend Mate in CES 2013


Everybody is really excited about the new Huawei Ascend Mate which really blurs the difference between the Tablet and Smartphone. The best feature about this smartphone is it’s 6.1” screen and its whopping 4050mAh battery, which Huawei claims can provide 48 hours of power. These features are really attractive but the other features are same as common high end smartphones. It also features a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and an 8-megapixel camera. It has “Magic Touch” technology too which means that like Nokia’s Lumia 920 you can use the phone while wearing gloves. The phone runs Huawei’s Emotion UI on top of Android Jelly Bean and the 4050mAh battery should go some way to counteracting the presumably massive power draw from the screen.

The phone is really good and has worked it’s way to be a good contender for an excellent smartphone but with the intention of making it the best smartphone, it has a really large screen size which Huawei thinks is it’s plus point but it may also backfire as a negative feature which makes it really less portable, you won’t be able to fit it in you pocket. Yes, Huawei has removed the difference between a tablet and smartphone but instead of buying such a huge smartphone, people would prefer to buy a tablet at a lower price which will have calling features too. If it was just screen size, why just 6.1 inch screen? the makers should have made 12 inch screen. Yes, right now the trending are the big screen smartphones but it is not just the size of the screen but the phone should also be portable and easy to use. The 48 hours of battery backup is freakishly amazing feature to look out for but long screen wont make any difference if the user is not able to hold the phone properly in his hand.

Huawei Ascend Mate is going to be launched in china’s market by next month but it is not available under any carrier. Let’s just wait and watch how much profit will Ascend mate’s big screen bag for Huawei. But the 48 hours battery life which even beats Motorola Droid Razr Maxx’s long battery life has really set a benchmark for all the smartphone developers to think about for their later smartphone versions.

Image by pcmag