Who Says Time Waits For None: Hublot Key Of Time

hublot key of time 1Time And Tide Wait For None. Remember the times of old when this was a regular and casual reminder by our seniors, including the parents and teachers and the lot. Well it has been the universal truth and is still mandated true. However imagine if the good times could be stretched for a longer period and the bad times reduced considerably. Wouldn’t that be one happy occurence we would love to bring to life. Hublot too feels the same way. Hence it has come out with a one of a kind timekeeper that it calls the Key Of Time.

Hublot is the symbolic face of exclusive watch manufacturers from the Swiss Luxury world. Known for its complex time manufacturing capabilities it has been at the forefront of manufacturing out of the world concept watches with a very selective audience hailing from the world’s who’s who. Some of the most well known time piece offerings from Hublot include:

  • King Power F1 Austinhublot key of time faster
  • Masterpieces

The Hublot Key Of Time is a concept watch from the Masterpiece line. The masterpiece line of watches are based upon complication mechanisms in watches which implies that you get one of the most intricate technological time pieces on your hands when you get one of these. The production of these watches include intricate and highly specific engineering skills and at any time there aren’t more then a fifty pieces available worldwide for sale. That’s how exclusive this line of timepieces from Hublot is.

The Key Of Time is literally what its name stands for. This particular watch from Hublot allows via its mechanics to control the speed at which time passes. This implies that the moments you want to savour slowly can be made to pass slowly so that you have more time, while moments that you hate can be passed off faster, albeit literally.

The Hublot Key Of Time can be operated in three modes respectively.

Mode I: This position or mode can also be termed the slow down mode. In this mode the time on the watch can be slowed down by four times implying that what would normally have been an hour will now display a quarter of an hour on the MP-02 Key of Time display.

Mode II: This is the normal time mode of the Key Of Time. It displays time as it is in the normal world without accelerating or decelerating the speed of time.

Mode III: In this mode the watch can be made to go faster for all those disgruntled and bad times we want to get rid of as soon as possible. The hands of the watch can be made to go 4 times as fast as in normal mode, implying that a quarter of an hour in real time is displayed as an hour on the MP-02 Key of Time display.

hublot-mp-02-key-of-time-09This Masterpiece Key Of Time mightnot be seen as practical enough in current times but then thats what its out here to change. The times and how we keep the times.

Price: Hublot’s Key Of Time is priced at 245,000 Euros (Excluding VAT)

Limited To: 50 pieces worldwide