Hyosung GV 650: Unleashing The Beast Soon

Today on MachineHappy lets go zipping along the roads with a beast coming soon to the Indian roads. One of the newer brands which is fast coming up in the Indian biking scenario is Hyosung. Hyosung has been the newest entrant and the fastest performer in terms of catching up to the competitive bike scenario in India. The Hyosung GV 650, one of Hyosung’s best and most powerful brands is expected to arrive within January 2013. For all the bikers and bike crazy people this one’s a special feature on the Hyosung GV 650.









The Hyosung GV 650 quick ride gives in the following specifications on this hunk of a bike:

  • Its the most powerful 650 cc cruiser in the world market now.
  • The Hyosung GV 650 sports a 79 hp 90 degree v-twin engine.
  • It features light weight alloy wheels for greater handling on the road cruises.

Along with these specifications check out the following distinctive features which could make the Hyosung GV 650 a threat to the Enfields in town.

VFD (“Vacuum Fluorescent Display” commonly used in luxury automobiles for the digital displays). For the first time a bike manufacturer is utilizing a display with such specifications in its products.

230mm Singl Disc Brake: This particular braking mechanism ensures that at the leisurely steady speeds that a cruiser is normally used at there are no braking issues on sudden braking or gradual slowdown.

Adjustable forward controls: This feature is typically important for a cruiser bike which would be used for covering long distances at a stretch because it allows a comfortable riding stance which is much necessary and is expected out of a cruiser.

From the limited specs available right now the Hyosung GV 650 appears to be a very promising bike in the cruiser bike segment, but what remains to be seen is whether the same is reflected in terms of market performance and competitive advantage when it debuts in the next month pitched up primarily against the Royal Enfield stable.

Price: The Hyosung GV 650 is expected to debut in India at a price of 5,00,000 INR.