IBM’s 5 Innovations That Will Change Our Lives

The Future Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

IBM introduced the top 5 new features in computing that will bring a revolution in the computing world in 5 years .

If you have ever wondered whether some day computers will be able to do the 5 basic important things that humans do, IBM has an affirmative answer to that wonder of yours. Computers in their own way will be able to See, Touch, Hear, Smell and Taste through IBM’s new project “Cognitive Computing”.


We will be able to touch through our phone. Cognitive Computing can make touch come to life.we will be able to feel the fabric, to distinguish the texture of the basket woven by the woman across the village. We will be able to use to use the vibration to translate the feel of the material of the product you buy online. Thus it is going to bring a revolution in the field of online shopping.


Through cognitive computing computer sees the patterns and learns the designs and patterns. It learns on it’s own to make the discrimination,the boundaries and what matters the most. We can take the example of a cancer patient. We can take the pictures of the patient which is scanned over time and the computer can study the pattern or the changes, it can be a good indicator which can warn us during critical situations.


Through cognitive computing the computer will be able to hear and translate it for the users. For example  a system which can understand what the baby is trying to talk and needs. It tells the parents and the doctors about it. It tries to imitate how the brain works thus making a better system with the better  results.


Through cognitive computing the computer will be able to taste your food and decides the favorite taste of the user. Through this data the computer will be able to personalize the users nutrition and and give other food products with different nutrition values same favorite tastes so that it can be consumed by the users easily and fulfill his/her daily nutrition value.

An application which can not only personalize the food according to our nutrition but according to our taste.

Through cognitive computing the computer will be able to smell the patient through different smell sensors and will be able to compute what changes are there in the behavior of the person. Today the doctors in order to examine the patient have to make him go through different tests and the patient sometimes gets late with his treatment. But with cognitive computing in future doctors will be able to know the different diseases of the patient just from his smell. This will make the process for doctors faster and better.

People may be thinking at the back of their mind that IT is going to loose it’s grip in near future but with such innovative technologies like Cognitive Computing it’s definitely going to bounce back. Well we can just wait and watch what future stores for us in one of it’s magic box termed “Technology“.