Important Points against iOS 6 upgrade

From tomorrow iOS 6 will be released and then after 2 days iPhone 5 will be out for shipping and there are certain things you should know before upgrading your iOS. I certainly know that there will be more than 200 new features but I will tell you some point which might make you think again about your decision of upgrading it.


Please read them carefully and feel free to ask any question in the comments section.

iOS 6 Difficult to jailbreak

  • Jailbreaking applications rely on both the hardware and the iOS of your iPhone 5. For all the new users of iPhone 5, I really doubt that they will be able to see iOS6 jailbreak any sooner than 4 to 6 months, as it will have a new A5 processor and one it gets shipping after 21st, hackers will not be able to do anything about it.
  • Not only iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are also included, if you remember then iOS 5 never saw its untethered jailbreak and you know that tethered jailbreak is always avoided. So now when Apple claims that they have covered the loop hole of their OS, it again becomes a challenge for the hackers to get their jailbreak.
  • One of the facts which prove my point is that the beat version of this OS has been release long time back, but as for now you cannot hear any details regarding the Jailbreaking application of iOS6.
  • “Redmond Pie has mentioned about the tethered jailbreak of iPhones with A4 processor” which keeps, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 out of the domain. If you are a jailbreak freak and can’t use your phone without Jailbreaking it, then a simple ‘NO’ will be advised for the upgrade.

Installous Apps DataBase is doubtful to get upgraded

  • Apple has claimed that now will not be able to crack the applications to provide them for free, this was one of the problem which was at the highest priority for Apple, because along with the developers Apple was also losing a huge share of revenue.
    If the developer follows all the new guidelines of the SDK, they will not lose their share of profit.
  • And yes this point comes into consideration even if you managed to jailbreak iOS 6.

Try to delay your upgrade

  • On 19th September, when everyone will be upgrading their iOS for the first time. As always, users will face large number of issues and the Apple discussion portal will be filled with lots of reported problems and then Apple will fix some of the bugs.
  • So if you are really looking forward to upgrade then a patience of 6 to 7 days will of great use.

 Apple Maps might not be a big hit against Google Maps

  • Apple never lets user select an option between a third party application and an in-built application to be used as default. For example, you will never be able to use Google Chrome as a default browser replacing Safari until and unless you jailbreak it. Same story will go with Apple Maps and Google Maps, you will never be able to use the later as default. Apple Maps is coming up for the first time and I really doubt that they will have a better road map data collection that Google. Apple Maps might be a hit in US but then for the other countries, Google Maps is always the best maps app to use. Foursqaure, Zomato, Runkeeper and other applications which always used Google Maps will now use Apple Maps.
  • I agree that Apple Map has a better UI, but a better UI matters only when you have the similar, versatile and accurate data.