Indian Innovator Built Google Glass Clone For INR 4500


Kochi, India based innovator Arvind Sanjeev built an augmented reality head mounted clone of Google Glasses for INR 4500 or US $75. Google glasses gave a new perspective to navigation. It took over a year for Google to built Google Glasses, whereas this man replicated the same within a month. Arvind is the founder of Kerala based ARS Devices. He used open source hardware, Raspberry-Pi-powered using Linux to build this gadget.

This device is attached to a cap and connects to eyes and that is why it is named as Smart Cap. The wearable looks funny with the cap. Design and look is not impressive and device could be lot slimmer. Performance wise it works quite well. Voice command supports needs improvement though. What better can someone get for $75? Here is the tutorial by Arvind on how he built this device.

Open source hardware is being used by many entrepreneurs to develop devices like 3D printers that are commercially available in the market. Open source hardware is enabling students, budding entrepreneurs and engineers to start building hardware without high budget requirements. Matter of fact that there is no patent attached with them they allow tech savvy/ curious heads built to low budget, great performance gadgets.