Internet Connectivity To All Household Devices: Belkin WeMo Smart Unveiled

belkin-wemoThis one is definitely something out of fiction for now but a definite possibility for the very near future. Imagine a day when you can have your coffee maker make coffee via internet orders maybe through a chat service. Seems a bit loony for now definitely but could be one of the few things that the Belkin WeMo Smart will be able to do by associating with leading consumer product houses.

Belkin, creator of people-inspired technology products, today announced WeMo SMART, a program designed to bring its simple, Wi-Fi based WeMo home automation platform to new brands and a wider variety of household devices. Jarden Consumer Solutions (“JCS”), a leading provider of global consumer products brands, will be the first company to partner with WeMo SMART for its Sunbeam®, Crock-Pot®, Mr. Coffee® and Oster® brands.

The following news excerpt is a curated piece from CES 2013 news releases.

As quoted by Belkin:

“As smart devices become more prolific in the home, we wanted to give companies an easy way to reinvigorate traditional product categories with internet connectivity and the ability to integrate with other household devices and cloud-based services,” said Jamie Elgie, senior director of product management at Belkin. “JCS is the perfect initial partner because its brands make the exact kind of products our fans have been asking us to integrate with WeMo.”

The WeMo SMART platform allows companies such as JCS to bring smart capabilities to their products quickly and without developing a separate hub, by using Belkin’s existing WeMo technology, app development and cloud server. Mature product lines can be quickly brought into the smart home realm, giving them increased functionality and the ability to be controlled via smartphones and tablets.

“With Belkin’s focus on the tablet and smartphone market and recent successes in creating simple solutions for Internet connected devices, it is a natural partner to help some of JCS’s best-known brands create appliances that people can use to make their homes smarter, safer and more flexible,” said Alejandro Pena, senior vice president and general manager, Global Appliances.

By expanding WeMo to other known brands and appliances, Belkin gives people the ability to remotely monitor, program or interact with more devices in their homes from anywhere. The first JCS products with WeMo will launch later this year, with additional product offerings through 2014.

MachineHappy Speak: The Belkin WeMo Smart might well signify a future in which the consumer market is ruled by the power of the internet. A few applications that it could significantly have would include:

  • Household Lighting
  • Kitchen devices
  • Home security

This and more could imply an entire home that runs on the web. Freaky yes, but groovy definitely.

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