iOS 6 GM to be in market ahead of new iPhone!

Apple’s next generation Operating System is expected to be out in September and there is a high chance of this OS being used in the new iPhone. Apple is planning to unveil this iOS 6 Golden Master at the Worldwide developers conference with a catch tagline, ‘the world’s most advanced mobile operating system’.
Beta version of the operating system is expected to be available to iOS developers soon after unveiling the OS officially. And it will not be any surprise if we have the release in less than three months!

iOS Banner

With release date to be somewhere around September, it is indicative that iPhone 5 might start shipping around the same time. A September release will give the company good time to up the sales of the device and the major modifications in iOS 6 are greater integration with iCloud and Facebook, integration with iTunes store and also to the App store.
There is a chance that size of the screen will change this time and the device is expected to have a taller 4-inch screen in the aspect ratio of 16:9. It is rumoured that this device will be thinner and have a HD-resolution front facing camera.

New Macbook series will also this new OS on board and Apple is planning to reveal all this on a grand stage of WWDC which will start on Monday! New iOS, new iPhone and I just cannot wait!