iPad Mini And 4th Gen iPad Coming To India Soon

It took a long time for the Apple iPhone 5 to reach Indian shores, now it is the turn of Apple’s iPad Mini and 4th gen iPad. According to BGR, the iPad Mini will be available to the distributors in few days. But Apple hasn’t confirmed any dates yet (like always). Also expected is the 4th gen iPad. Apparently Apple has stopped supplying the older 3rd gen iPad to distributors  mainly to avoid pilling up of inventory (who would what a 3rd gen iPad when you can by a 4th gen iPad?). And pricing? The iPad Mini with WiFi is expected to be priced around Rs.21,000 for 16GB, Rs.27,000 for 32GB and Rs.33,000 for 64GB. Now what about WiFi+Cellular? Add another Rs.8,000 to the above pricing.

What about the new iPad? The new iPad is priced at Rs.31,000 for the 16GB WiFi version. The 32GB and 64GB versions of WiFi only iPad are priced at Rs.37,000 and Rs.43,000 respectively. For the WiFi+Cellular add another Rs.8,000. If we go by these pricing, we can say that the new iPad is priced Rs.2,000 more than the iPad 3 (which is not the case in the US, the new iPad is priced the same as the 3rd gen iPad).