iPad Mini Stronger Than Nexus7

Whenever we buy a new gadget which is really valuable and costly. We want to enjoy the features of the device but at the back of our mind we are having a doubt,”What will happen if the device falls down or breaks due to some accident ?” All your interest and eagerness for your new device will be lost for a sec.

With the recent release of Nexus 7 and iPad Mini you will be surely going through the same feeling .Well the website Android Authority has posted a comparative video at how each tablet is able to hold up to various drops from about 4.5 feet.

After the first drop on to their sides, the iPad Mini held up quite well while the Nexus 7 already started to show significant damage.There were just little chips and scratches at the sides of new iPad Mini but Nexus7 was more hurt showing some cracks on the screen. After the second drop, this time on their backs, the Nexus 7 became completely non-functional while the iPad Mini still worked despite showing severe damage.
The iPad Mini worked after the third and most intense part of the drop test: face-down. The Nexus 7 ended up with more scratches,dents and became completely non-functional.So no matter what, if you drop your iPad Mini and Nexus7 both are going to get wrecked up but the iPad Mini will be alive to function with scratches on the screen unlike Nexus7 which will be dead completely.

The fact that the  iPad Mini costs over 50% more than a Nexus 7, it’s not surprising as your iPad Mini can bear a few shocks more and wont break your heart after few falls while the Nexus 7 will be dead. Thus we can conclude that Nexus7 is cheaper than iPad Mini but not as strong as iPad Mini.


Via Android Authority