iPhone 5 Price in India Rs.48000

iPhone 5 price in India would be around Rs 48,000. Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 5 in India on 1st week of Nov.  The pricing is still a guesstimate based on the prices of the iPhone in the past.

India has been a fan of Nokia all throughout the mobile revolution of the past decade and lately Samsung has captured the market here with its Galaxy range of Andorid Smartphones.

Give the price point of iPhone, there have been few taker of this otherwise successful product world wide. Given that the Apple iPhone is sold only through Authorised sellers, the availability of iPhone in Tier 2 cities is also a challenge.  The unorganised offline retailers play a big role in influencing buying decisions in India and the lack of participation from them is one of the growth challenges for Apple here.

The iPhone 5 will be distributed by operators at a bundled price with data plans, at about Rs.2000/month. Though this is a good way to reach out to the audience at all levels but again Indian users haven’t been used to bundled pricing plans with contracts, as their US counterpart.

Samsung Galaxy s3 with a price atleast 25% lower than iPhone 5 will be a huge competitor. All said iPhone is a aspirational product in India and only if it came at a lower price, it would capture the market like Nokia in the past decade. That surely means there will be more iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 selling in India as the prices will be dropped.

All Apple lovers in India rejoice because the one thing you have been dying to put your hands on is coming to India.