Who Has The Most Potential to Conquer The Mobile Industry In 2013

BlackBerry_Z10_vs_iPhone_5Gadgets are the talk of town everywhere today and without a doubt, smartphones are among the most popular and favourite gadgets all around. The latest technology business in the smartphone industry is cutthroat with rapid developments and innovations constantly taking place. The race to come up with the smartest features that can wow the customers is on, with each company upping their technology to a higher level.

 The latest and most potent addition to the technology race that is expected to take the lead this year is the iPhone 5 and the Blackberry Z10. While Apple has undoubtedly been a leader in the smartphone market for quite some time, losing its place to Samsung only last year, Blackberry has made a remarkable effort to revamp itself, coming up with a spectacular smartphone that can give Apple’s iPhone a tough time.

 So, here is a detailed analysis of these two dynamic products, and an indication of the supposed winner who could take the lead this year. And while you are shuffling the phone sets, make sure you get a sim only connection for your phone so that you don’t have to change your number too many times.

iPhone or BlackBerry – Which Way to Go

Whether you have been using an iPhone or not, there are definitely some features in the BlackBerry Z10 that you will find quite attractive, enough to convince you to give up on your iPhone. While the loss of some basic iPhone apps can be felt apparently, the amazing features of BlackBerry are good enough to make up for them, especially keeping in mind the notorious troubles that are reportedly sprouting up in the features of iPhone 5.

It would not be wrong to assume that there are several reasons that can make BlackBerry Z10 a clear winner between the two this year. So, to get a better idea, here are some features that are definitely far better in the BlackBerry set this time around:

The Keyboard

The first thing you can instantly notice about the BlackBerry Z10 set is its extremely comfortable keyboard, which is far better than that of the iPhone. This gives you a perfect typing experience which reduces typing errors and comes with a brilliant spell-check system. Among virtual keyboards, this one definitely turns out to be a winner.

Connection Cables

Another annoying thing about iPhone is the constantly changing design of its accessories. The chargers, the headphones, the cables; all vary from set to set if you are using an Apple smartphone. BlackBerry on the other hand uses a single, standard USB charger that can be quite convenient for you to have access to, almost anywhere you want.

Screen Resolution

iPhone 5 has a bigger screen that any of its predecessors. However, BlackBerry Z10 beats it there too, coming up with a bigger and better screen size and resolution that can work wonderfully for you. Moreover, the screen can also be shared over BBM and other HDMI devices quite conveniently.

Features and Applications

While BlackBerry Z10 indeed lacks some basic features offered by iPhone, it makes up for it through the other ones it offers. A map navigation app that is far better than that of iPhone 5, support for Adobe Flash player, a higher screen resolution, and long talk time and standby time are among the features that make BlackBerry stand out. Several other applications that are in-built in the BlackBerry Z10 are also quite attractive. All in all, there are not too many apps that you will miss if you switch from iPhone to BlackBerry.

Despite its clear domination over the smartphone market for quite some years, Apple is now losing its touch, and its competitors are quickly filling out the gaps. This year it seems that BlackBerry is all set to come out as a technology leader with its new smartphone. If you are looking for a network connection that can leave you free to change you cell phone Sim-Only displays the variety of iPhone sim plans that are available.

Whether Apple successfully regains its market or not is quite debatable. The battle between iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 continues to wage, but for now, the latter is definitely a winner!

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