Is Samsung Galaxy S5 punchy enough to become the bestseller?

Samsung Galaxy S5 is hitting the shelves next week it’s time we put the device to scrutiny and check out if it really packages the right features. Galaxy S5 has irked many with its dated design. S5 was launched in India yesterday and might carry a price tag excessive of 50k. Galaxy S5 price India will be around 52k. Samsung is just banking on the fact that the traction it has in the Smartphone market is good enough to sell their products or is there some other deep rooted logic to the whole fiasco? Let’s put the new flagship under the scanner and see what it yields

1. Design & Build- I wouldn’t at any point of time refer to the S5 as a stunner as it looks clumsy with the same old school design that is inherent of any Samsung product. The rear panel was denied a metal finish and was instead treated with a leather like puckered texture finish which is intended to give users more grip to hold their phones. I would have expected Samsung to at least perform minor tweaks in the front bezel so that it looks apart.

2. Hardware- Samsung has still kept the processor details under the wraps. Instincts tell us that it would be a Hexacore Exynos processor churning out at least 2.3 GHz along with a 2GB RAM. Exynos processors don’t have a very clean rap sheet and has had run into its share of problems including excessive overheating. If Galaxy S5 is incorporated with Snapdragon 801 it would be a strong selling point.

3. Heartbeat Sensors– Samsung seems to have convinced itself that the next thing in mobile technology is fitness. Heart Beat sensors were seen in the form of a Symbian application which expected users to tap their screen to the beat of their heart, Simple yet affective. Let’s keep on wondering how this gimmick is going to draw the swarms of Samsung fans.

4. IP67- This is something I hope Samsung exclude from the S5 at the eleventh hour only to fuel another lame attempt in the form of an Active S5 version. IP6 is a useful feature especially in tropical countries like India wherein we are constantly exposed to Water. It would also ensure that your device would still work even after taking an accidental dip in the bathtub or the pool.

5. Camera- The 13MP camera doesn’t come with the much touted ISOCELL technology. However Samsung seem to have made up for the loss by adding up features like Contrast focus, Swift auto-focus mechanism and the real time HDR rendering. When it comes to camera features S5 has all the grunts it’s supposed to have as the Samsung’s flagship.

6. Fingerprint Scanner– Samsung has been following Apple rather too keenly the reason they incorporated finger print scanner at the first place.  Works well and is currently integrated with PayPal. User can also set specific fingers for the features they want, for example if you set index finger for SMS feature then you can only access the SMS feature with your index finger the remaining functionality will be locked. I personally feel that the only way I can be convinced to buy the S5 would be if its priced at 40k and not a penny more than that.

The Last words

It’s evident that Samsung has been hunting for innovative features to decorate its devices. It will be a challenge for the Korean giant with brands like Moto gearing up and launching less number of devices with more meaningful features. I won’t be surprised if Galaxy S5 sells well infact I am sure that it will. The absence of LTE in a 50k device is laughable and sparks a grueling debate about how Samsung brings dated hardware and omits crucial features without reducing the price.