Keyboard That Changes Colour As You Do: Luminae Glass Keyboard

luminae glass keyboard trackpadKickstarter projects have featured really high in the best of CES 2013. In fact the watch out for technologies and products had an abundance of Kickstarter projects like the Oculus Rift VR headset, Pebble Watch and others. Another one from the Kickstarter lineup has also made its debut at CES 2013.

The Luminae Glass Keyboard which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, but at the time was more of an idea than a product has now come up with the display of its almost consumer ready version of the keyboard. The Luminae Glass Keyboard at its functionality is nothing different or very unique from the average keyboad that you use and does not add much at $500 too, or so I thought initially. On a second look at it, the beauty of the light changing keyboard really gets you hooked to the extent that you would not mind shelling out the price of $500 for it.

MachineHappy Speak:

The Luminae Glass Keyboard doesn’t do much. But whatever it does makes it look simply brilliant and thats what it is all about, brilliant looks and lights. A light pipe, infrared LEDs, and visible LEDs feed signals into the artfully curved glass. Three cameras look upward from below and see when your fingers break the light pattern. That’s how it recognizes what you’re doing on the glass. A smaller trackpad version is also going to be available soon.

Another feature that makes this keyboard very much a seller is the customize design option available for the overlays of the keyboard that enables the keyboard to recognize all the custom keys and shortcuts. And its changeable again and again. A trackpad area can also be put up on the side.

luminae glass keyboard with system

 The Luminae Glass Keyboard glows in different shades of red, blue, white and purple making it a real eye teaser as well as an interesting piece attachment to your computing device.

MachineHappy Cut:

The Luminae Glass Keyboard is nothing unique in its functionality but in terms of how it looks and presents its features its definitely one colour changing glass keyboard from Translusense that will make your computing system a pretty thing to look at.

For more on how the keyboard works check this video from TechnologyGuide.