Kindle Paperwhite, the best E-Ink Reader!

The pioneers of e-book readers Amazon recently unveiled their latest iteration to their E Ink line of Kindles – The Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle has always been a favourite of most eBook readers for its non reflective paper like screen. But one thing that caused a lot of issues to most reader was the Kindles inability to be read in a low lit or dark room without a light source. The Kindle Paperwhite has a solution for this, a lit screen. Here is a look at the new 5th generation Kindle.

The 6” screen has a resolution of 768 x 1024 pixel a jump from the 600 x 800 pixel screen of previous models. One of the first thing that grabs your attention is how white and sharper the new screen looks. Amazon claims the new screen has 25% higher contrast and 62% more pixels compared to the older Kindle E-Ink models. It is the best E-Ink screen i’ve ever seens. It is the first Kindle with a lit screen. Compared to the Nook reader from Barnes & Nobles, The Kindle Paperwhite has a more paper like screen and doesnt have the blue tint as seen in the nook. Also the intensity of of light on the screen can be controlled by the user. The screen is lit from power up to power down unlike other readers where users have to switch the light on. The Kindle Paperwhite screen remains lit all the time. E-Ink screens have lacked quick touch response since the beginning, but this time around Amazon has done a better job with the use of capacitive touch screen. The screen is now more quicker, accurate and responsive. The only downside of the new screen so far has been the uneven lighting along bottom part, this is where the LED’s are placed. This issue is noticeable only when the reader is used in a dimly lit room and is not very distracting.

The The Paperwhite measures 6.7″ x 4.6″ x 0.36″, and it weighs 7.5 oz (7.8 oz for the Wi-Fi and 3G model) similar to the Kindle Touch and comes in black colour. The Paperwhite feel slightly heavier than the other models but maintain the small and compact footprint making it easier to hold in one hand. The front of the Kindle Paperwhite is made of smooth plastic, matte finish, and the back of the device is covered with a rubberized plastic giving it a nice feel to hold. The edges around the screen are completely smooth, and the bottom edge now features only a port for the USB charger, a battery indicator light, and the power button.

All Paperwhite models come with 2GB of internal memory out of which 1.25GB can be used to store books. With the new battery boost Amazon claims that the Paperwhite can achieve 8 weeks of battery life on a single charge, assuming you turn the Wi-Fi/3G off and turn the light to about 1/3 brightness. The Paperwhite comes with a single USB cable, Amazon has done away with the wall charger that used to accompany the previous models. Henceforth you need to be near a computer to charge your Kindle. Paperwhite does away with the speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack, which shows that the device does not support audio features, as in the previous models, anymore. The screen supports a 2-point multi-touch making it quicker and more responsive. Paperwhite also has done away with text-to-speech feature.

At $119 for the Wi-Fi model and $179 for the Wi-Fi + 3G model, it best E-Ink reader currently in the market with a Front-Lit screen.

Bright, Crisper, Front-lit Screen
Longer Battery Life
Quicker & Responsive touchscreen
Sleeker Form Factor

No extra storage
No audio support
Computer required for charging
Wall charger costs extra