Latest Instagram Update Features ‘3D Touch’ On Android

Back when the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were launched, they came with a unique feature called 3D Touch which allowed the user to call up additional options by applying more pressure on the display. An intuitive way to add more functions, 3D Touch was instantly a hit, and applications such as Twitter and Instagram were redesigned to aid to 3D Touch.


Android users can now see the 3D Touch feature on Instagram in the latest update for the application. The updated Instagram allows users to long tap on any image and call up additional options – mainly liking a photo, commenting directly or sharing it.

Users can long press on an image thumbnail to open it up in the actual size it would be displayed in on Instagram. Drag the finger away from the center downwards, and you can either comment, like or share a photo. This feature works if you are in the search feed or on somebody’s profile – basically wherever you see three images stacked side by side.

The new feature is available on the latest versions of Instagram. Rolled out initially in a more recent version, this version was removed and has been re-added to the app from version 7.13.0 onwards.