Lego Mindstorms EV3- A Perfect Toy For Pranks


A few days back  i met my friend who had the tiny models of F1 cars and ferrari models lined on her table. When i asked her what it was? she said that she had actually built the cars piece by piece. I was really amazed to hear about that and asked her what was it exactly. She explained me that she found it fun making and building those small toys and the best part was when they were completely assembled and moved.She told me that these magical toys were called LEGO.

Yesterday in CES we saw a new range of LEGO’s called The new Linux-based Lego Mindstorms EV’s  which doesn’t even need a computer.You can set up basic routines right on the programmable Lego brick itself, and / or remote control a robot from an Android or iOS smartphone.

The best Lego design out of all which i found the best in CES 2013 was the Raptor which slithers along on wheels, and actually snaps out to bite your hand when the infrared sensor sees you there. You can shake a smartphone to make it hiss and strike, or tilt to use the phone’s inertial sensors to steer. Also there’s a robotic rover that can track lines on a floor, with a set of four working snap-on interchangeable tools: a gripper claw, a ball launcher, a hammer, and a spinning bladed chopper for some purely plastic BattleBots action. There’s a treaded design with strong gear-driven arms just large enough to bring you a soda can. And then there’s the scorpion with a seek-and-destroy mode, where it hunts down your infrared remote control brick, then flips up its missile launcher of a tail to blast it with little plastic balls. The scorpion shoots it’s prey so if you want to scare your mom or siblings, this toy will be perfect for the prank.

The expected price of  Linux-based Lego Mindstorms EV’s will be $349.99. The EV3 is an absolute blast to play with, right out of the box. So check out the new  Linux-based Lego Mindstorms EV’s today.