Lenovo, Asus -Top The Reliability List


Well in terms of reliability let’s see who has topped the list this year in the final quarter. According to the reports published by Rescuecom for computer reliability, Lenovo has returned to the top spot among manufacturers. The reports are based on the data collected from the market shares of PC manufacturers and computer support provided by manufacturers. The Chinese products were considered to be most reliable, followed by Asus , Samsung, Apple and Toshiba. For the 1st Quarter of 2012 Lenovo topped the list but lost to Samsung in the second quarter.

Machines from Lenovo accounted only 2.1 percent of service calls to 1-800-RESCUE-PC, despite of 8.3 percent share of US market. Asus machines with 5.4 percent share in US market accounted about 3 percent of Rescuecom’s computer repair contacts. The two companies scored 402 and 180 respectively on Rescuecom’s reliability score.


Samsung’s 1.9 percent share of US market accounted 1.2 percent of service calls to Rescuecom, netting it’s reliability to 168 on the list awarding it third spot. Apple bagged a 4th spot for the 3rd consecutive quarter. The Cupertino’s company’s score has improved from 130 points to 160 points this time. It’s 12.5 percent of market share reported about 7.5 percent of Rescuecom’s repair calls.


The other companies listed are, in order, Toshiba, HP, Dell, Acer and Sony. Sony computers scored the lowest with the reliability rating of 26.

Looking at the above ratings we can clearly make out one thing for sure that if you think only Apple and Samsung are ruling the markets then think again. Other companies are coping up with their better services and setting the stage to give a tough fight to the Veterans.


source: Electronista