Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Review: Utility With A Twist

Close up on the heels of the Elitebook Revolve ultrabook from HP, there’s another one of these refreshing revolutionary laptops from Lenovo too. This one is called the Lenovo Thinkpad Twist. And twist it does. I would say literally it doesn’t only twist on its hinges but it does a twist on its performance and features too. However whether it does that in a credible way or in an incredible way has to be seen. For starters why don’t you check out this review featuring the twists and turns of the Lenovo Thinkpad Twist.


DESIGN SPEAK: The designing on the Twist is lustrous and professional. With a matte texture finish, silver lenovo logo and glow featured Thinkpad the Twist does seem like a really handsomely designed product along with being seen as a business class product.

What I specifically like about the twist is the multiple port support that it has designed into the ultrabook. There’s literally every port imaginable in it. The ThinkPad Twist has got a SIM card slot, a full sized SD card reader, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports, a mini HDMI port, MiniDisplay port and of course the usual audio outlets. All in all a completely decked up ultrabook as far as its port architecture is concerned.

The Twist features a good enough swivel screen with the hinge supports doing a good job. The bad job on it comes to the point of design which enables its twist in only one direction, which too requires a particular level of strength show and which could lead to unwanted circumstance in case we rotate it in another direction.

SOFTWARE SPEAK: The Twist comes with its set of twist and turn software characteristics including 2.6 GHz Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and hybrid storage-a 24 GB SSD. The storage sports a 500 GB spinning drive. The smaller SSD implies a faster boot time of course, but there are some time lags in the startup as well as resuming processes. The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist is no gaming device and works mostly as a business call machine. One thing that users need to remember while using or getting a Twist is that there will be some amount of clean up necessary in this machine because it features some very mundane things like a Norton Antivirus product pop up and others along similar lines.

FEATURES SPEAK: The Lenovo ThinkPad does feature a set of features that are mixed well for optimal performance. But you won’t find any over the top performing features. The display is at 12.5 inches and seems small but since it is coupled with a 1366×768 resolution, works fine. Coming to the sound feature, the output is bad to say the least because the audio comes in through the keyboard and sounds very loud, distorted at low and high scales. In short is usable for calls but not at all useful for anything else.


The ThinkPad Twist is something I suggest you to buy only if business class requirements are what you are looking at. But if you are on the look out for something that is an all encompassing device this mightnot be the perfect fit. 

I rate this machine

LOOKS: 3.5/5


VALUE: 3.5/5