LG Nexus Leaked?

With Google’s Android event on 29th October nearing, an LG exec might have given away info on the event. LG Mobile Product Planning lead for India, has claimed on an interview with IBNLive, that the Google event is indeed for the unveiling of the new Nexus smartphone. He goes onto give the specs of the phone too. He claims the new nexus will have a 1.5GHz quadcore, a 4.7inch screen and will come with Android 4.2! He continues to say that the new Nexus will be in India by the end of November. If so, it will be the first Nexus to be launched officially in India. At present we cannot be sure if the specs are true or not, it could be a part of a publicity stunt for the 29th October event. But we can say that the new Nexus will not have lower specs than the one mentioned in this article.

via Engadget