LIFX: Smartly Lighting Up The World

Are you one of those who have their expenses hitting sky high. Especially with expenses on power and fuel. Else maybe you would be one of those who is so bored with the regular appliances in your home. And if I may add, you might be one of those who actually forgets a lot incidentally including me as well. Well for all the groups I mentioned there’s no need to worry any more because this is the smart age. Smart phones, smart cars and now even smart bulbs. Yes, you heard it right smart bulbs are the next big thing that will soon catch the trend airs. LIFX is a new smart bulb that could be your new best friend.

The LIFX is a recreation of the bulb that lights up your world in the form of a smart bulb that is wifi enabled, multi-colored, energy efficient LED bulb which can be controlled via an application in your iPhone or android device. Simply put it sounds very straightforward but its applications are just out of this world. Imagine a bulb whose color you could control as you wished just by selecting the color from the application on your iPhone or android device, very much like selecting colors in the basic paint. Further imagine the lights moving to the music you are listening or behaving as party lights. Well, forget the imagining part and look out for the LIFX because it not only does the above, but it does more. Hooked? Check out more.

  • Smart Fit : The LIFX does not require any additional wiring or installations. Its just like fitting a normal bulb, unfitting the old bulb and replacing with a LIFX bulb. Download the free app from App store and you are ready to use it for the next 25 years.
  •   Universal Colors: The LIFX can be selectively color modulated as per the mood or the requirements of yourself. The brightness, the colors, the moods are what this life bulb is all about.

The LIFX bulb does this and even more.

  • LIFX can be set to auto switch on and off based on occupancy
  • LIFX can be set to optimal illumination based on timings
  • Further more LIFX can still be used with your old switches if you want to.
The LIFX is actuation form of LED lighting technology and follows a mesh networking arrangement involving a master/slave concept. It of course requires the switches for the lights to remain on but the appliance is run by the LIFX app on your iPhone or android device.

All in all the LIFX is your average bulb but with its universal lighting special effects. The LIFX could be the future way of lighting that all of us may soon follow. It utilizes LED technology which is much more energy efficient, eco friendly and the best thing of all lasts for 25 years. Need I say more? Well yes. The LIFX bulb will reduce your electricity expenses by leaps and bounds. So with the economics of the world really facing a crevice it might be one technology that truly lights our economics.

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