Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX-Any User Wireless Mouse


Everyone uses mouse if he/she is working on his/her desktop or laptop. But no one ever thinks, How a small invention like this is so important and what difference does it make. Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is considered as one of the best mouse in the market. Let’s go through some of its features and know what makes it so good.



1. Dark Laser technology-two lasers to focus on the imperfections of the surface which makes it work well on glass or any other surface which other mouse may lag or fail to perform.

2. Indicator at the side like signal lights consisting of three colors giving information about the life of the battery.

3. A 2.4GHz receiver that plugs into any USB port.

4. It works on both Mac and pc.

5. Traditional scroll wheel which is nice and easy to use.

6. A button on the top which open’s the main browser.

7. Battery life of 100 days with the battery Packed  in.

8. Thumb action buttons to move pages back and forward.

It works right out of the box you just plug it in, put the batteries and it’s ready to use . You don’t need to install any extra software’s  except if you want to use the extra features which comes with the mouse. It’s quite comfortable for the hands to lay on .


This mouse is easy, simple and ready to use by Programmer’s, Gamers or common people for Different purpose. Not only that it comes with the reasonable price of 59$ only but with so many features to look for. Machine happy rates it 4 out of 5.