Logitech brings out new wireless TouchPad and two mice for Windows 8.

Though the Windows 8 PCs are yet to hit the markets, you can still hand pick the latest wireless gesture-enabled peripherals. Logitech  announced two wireless mice and an external trackpad, all carefully crafted to support gestures in Windows 8.

Starting with the mice, the Touch Mouse T620 has the same design as the M600 announced earlier this year, except it supports Win 8 gestures out of the box. (The M600 will get a software update allowing it to work the same way.) The T620 has a full touch surface, including around the edges of the peripheral, with laser tracking. It has a dedicated shortcut to the Windows 8 start screen, and uses Logitech’s Unifying Receiver; battery life is up to six months with two AA batteries, or you can opt for a lighter mouse by removing one battery, which can fetch you a runtime of 3 months.

T620 model allows you to do things like swipe the right side for the Charm Bar, or swipe from the left to rotate through open programs. You can also double tap with one finger to return to the Start Screen, and double tap with two fingers to show the desktop.

The Zone Touch Mouse T400 unlike its counterpart has a limited touch responsiveness confined to certain portions of the peripheral. . In fact, the zone is limited to where the scroll-wheel might normally be expected to find, with a rubberized, textured surface, which can be used to move up and down through pages, as well as scroll through the live tiles on the Start Screen. . It has two buttons which you can use to toggle open apps or bring up the Start Screen, depending on which end you press. The battery back-up lasts for 18 months.


Finally, the Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 gives you a flavour of Apple’s  Magic Trackpad  with a spacious glass surface, which seemed flawlessly responsive. It supports thirteen Windows 8 gestures, and can be recharged via USB; a full charge is good for up to a month’s use.

Take an overall preview of these new gadgets here.