Mad Catz R.A.T. Line Gets New Colours

Loved Mad Catz’s R.A.T. gaming mice, but hate the lack of colour options? Well, Mad Catz has introduced three new colour schemes: Gloss Red, Gloss White And Gloss Black. You don’t like any of them? Than there is the old standard matte black you can always go back to. The new colours are applicable for all the mice in the R.A.T. range which include R.A.T.3, R.A.T.5, R.A.T.7, R.A.T.9 and M.M.O.7. Prices start from $59.99 fro R.A.T.3 and go all the way to $149.99 for R.A.T.9.

via Engadget

Source Mad Catz