MailBox: A better inbox for iPhone

Sparrow was the last application which got really famous among the users due to fast syncing and better way to represent the mail and giving extra options for a mail on the same screen like labeling it which was not available in iOS mail even if you configure GMail in it but still that application failed to a certain extent when it was not able to configure the Official Exchange mail client. Today I will be telling you about the hot running application these days named as MailBox, though this application has not been revealed yet but the promises it makes with the users are commendable. All the features are mentioned as follows.

By using the cloud technology it promises to make the sending and reviewing of the mail quite faster and it also claims to improve the presentation of the e-mail, which is the showing the mail chain in a form of chat with different recipients and senders rather than showing them in a vertical style with default manner of showing them one by one.

Now another good feature is the ability to mute any mail for a particular time period. This will help the users to keep their inbox clean by either deleting the mails which are not important or using this new feature in this application by muting a mail which is not important for now and so you do not want to see that mail as of now, but then after a certain amount of time it should come back in your mailbox and that too in front of your eyes. Now this is completely new feature which makes it outstanding.

Till now if all the users of iPhone need to use GMail app and iOS default mail client separately for GMail and Microsoft Exchange account reason being, in the default iOS client you cannot read the chats which might be very important for a person using GMail frequently. But Mailbox promises to merge them both in this single application and that too with full features of your inbox.

These features are good enough to make at-least try that application once so here comes the tricky part as the developer of this application is just a startup so they will not be able to provide this service to all the users at once and that is the reason they will asking the users to reserve the space and link for that is mentioned here. Please register quickly to get the application service reserved for you.