Meet The Smartest Watch On Earth- Pebble Watch

pebble smartwatchHave you ever been inspired by the gadgets on any James Bond flick and especially the watches that double up as weaponized accessories as well as communication devices and what not. Maybe not in the same genre but the Pebble watch on show at CES 2013 right now, is definitely a stellar amongst smart watches, courtesy its multi-faceted fancy features and options.

The Pebble is like your normal smart watch on a casual outlook which syncs to phones, either Android or iOS, to display incoming messages and caller information. The difference in the Pebble are its powerful software capabilities and stunning design. Imagine customized weather report displays as per the required region and thats the smartness the Pebble talks about. The Pebble watch is configurable via the cloud and has the ability to have custom alerts pushed to the watch.

Alongwith its smart software features the design on the Pebble watch features an E-ink styled LCD display that allows the  user to view it with striking clarity even under the strongest of outdoor sunlight. The Pebble also has a very great design embedded upon it, making it incredibly light at 38.2 grams.

The watch also has the ability to run custom apps and software in the future. With developers contributing to the Pebble’s built-in accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and other high-tech gear in no time, the Pebble is definitely going to be the smartest watch on earth soon.

Price Speak: The Pebble smartwatch is priced at $150

For a hands on of the Pebble watch check this video courtesy The Verge.