Microsoft Launches Scroogled



Does the name sound like something we know. Maybe you could try googling it. Sick puns apart scroogled is the most direct attack that Microsoft has launched on Google till date. With google going the paid shopping listing way from May 2012 onwards, this seemed to be the opportunity which Microsoft was waiting to pounce upon and it has pounced now with elan. Scroogled which almost sounds like screwed by google is a web platform that abhors the now google practise of having all the shopping listings paid and represents google as the villain of the hour and its very own Bing search engine as the saviour. Microsoft is even using its Facebook and Twitter ties to further strengthen the attack via social networking by using smart displays saying “We want to know, have you been duped by a bad search? Share your story on Facebook”. Well its very clear where this goes. Microsoft couldn’t have chosen a much better time to launch scroogled considering the festive season is just around the corner. Well what I say is, this festive season either google it or if you feel you are scroogled try Bing. I believe thats what Microsoft meant by scroogled.