Microsoft Lets Public Into Socl


“Now what is Socl?” would be the first thought on your mind. Socl, pronounced “social”, is a social networking site developed by Microsoft. Microsoft has been working on the site for more than a year and they have made lots of changes to the webpage. It basically used to have lots of similarities with facebook in the beginning and now Microsoft has done a great job of redesigning it. Now how is Socl different from other social networking sites? Well, to be frank it is not. It basically combines features which were available on other networking sites and is more based on search. Like, type a topic to create a post. You can even add these to your “interests”. But you are restricted to webpages shown to you by Bing. There is also something called “parties”, which lets you to connect to others using a video feed, similar to Hangouts On G+. Socl has many of the features found on other networking sites. But it has done a good job of putting it all on a single webpage. Many social networking sites have come and gone, will Socl last? Only time will tell. But surely, Microsoft won’t let it die a painful death.