Microsoft not planning to manufacture their own smartphone.

When Microsoft jumped directly to their Microsoft Surface tablet after the release of Windows Phone 8, then it seemed pretty obvious that they will not be manufacturing their own phone with this new OS, but this news was confirmed by Senior Marketing Manager Mr. Greg Sullivan when he clearly mentioned that they have no such plans.


Now we already know that Windows Phone OS does not stand at any place near iOS and Andoird (at present) and even before its release it has made its hardware manufacturing network, which comprises of HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia. If they openly reveal their dies to manufacture their own phone then they will be competing against their own hub of hardware manufacturing network. Many tech geeks and users are desperately waiting for ‘Apollo’ to be released and once it lands up to the expectations of the user and earns it credibility, then Redmond guys can plan to do that.

So now, their main emphasis will be on Microsoft Surface tablet and Apollo as a combination. I term this as a good strategy.