Microsoft Touch Mouse-Different and Better Than Other Mouse

You are a  common user using your normal mouse. Sometimes you feel, “What if my mouse has touch features just like touch pads and touch phones”. Well Microsoft Touch Mouse is the answer.The touch experience of Microsoft Touch Mouse is different and something to look for.


Let’s gaze through some of the features of Microsoft touch mouse

  1. One finger-manage content

Slide or flick one finger to manage content ,slide in any direction to scroll quickly from top to down and left to right.

2.Two fingers-manage apps

  •  Slide two fingers to manage apps.
  • Slide left to display Windows 8 charms: Search,share,devices.
  • Slide right to switch through open apps .
  • Slide forward,back to show app commands.


3.Three fingers-Zoom 

  • Slide three fingers to zoom.
  • Slide forward and back to zoom in and zoom out.

4. Thumb- move through apps

  • Slide right to go forward and Slide left to go back.

5. Blue Track Tech

Take advantage of Blue Track Technology, which combines the power of optical with the precision of laser for remarkable tracking on virtually any surface. you can change the settings to adjust the interface according to left hand or right hand user.
6. Power Switch 

Turn off the power switch to save the battery when the mouse is not in use. A green light flashes to show the battery is working, and then turns off to save battery life.

Superior comfort that’s designed to fit your right or left hand.


1.Requires Windows 7

2. USB only

3. AA alkaline batteries required(included)


This mouse works like the normal mouse with the features Click, Scroll and Select. The feature which makes it special is the touch experience which is simple, easy and amazing  that you cant take your hands off it. Also with it’s new drivers getting launched on 26th October for Windows 8, it’s UI is more faster ,smoother and with added features for Windows 8.

Looking at the above specs you will be eager to try this mouse.I would definitely want to have one on my desktop table and use it’s new features. MachineHappy rates Microsoft Touch Mouse  4.5 out of 5. It is available at a reasonable price of 79.95$.With the above features its worth giving a shot.  Just go and check out Microsoft Touch Mouse and change your experience from normal to something more special.