Microsoft Touch Mouse gets better for Windows 8 !

Here’s presenting the Microsoft Touch Mouse – where you will get the best of both worlds. On one hand you have all the conventional features of a mouse with absolute precision and control – on the other, it comes blended with the fluid movement available in touch tech. With support for Windows 8 released, you can navigate Windows 8 seamlessly with additional gesture settings. And it dances to your customizations.

There are different gestures the mouse performs on different platforms. Here’s what it does when plugged in to your Windows 7 PC.

  • [1]Single Finger: Scroll, flick or pan any direction for quick navigation. You can scroll slowly with gentle swipes or quickly by just flicking the finger – and the cool bit is that you just tap to stop scrolling!
  • [2]Two Fingers: You can snap to see your windows side by side, or maximize and minimize.
  • [3]Three Fingers: This shows all open windows or you can use it to reveal your desktop.
  • [4]Thumb: Sweep your thumb to go forward or back.

And when it comes to using the Touch Mouse on Windows 8, it gets even better.

  • [1]Single Finger: Slide or flick to manage content – slide in any direction to scroll – flick in any direction to scroll quickly.
  • [2]Two Fingers: Slide to manage apps. Sliding left displays Windows 8 charms: Search, Devices, Settings. Right switches through open apps. forward or backward to shows app commands.
  • [3]Three fingers: All three trigger the zoom feature. forward – zoom in, backward – zoom out.
  • [4]Thumb – Slide right to go forward and left to go back.


The mouse uses a Nano Transceiver (USB) which is plugged into your computer. You can leave it plugged in when you’re on the go, or you could stow it magnetically in the mouse itself.

A brilliant feature that Microsoft has introduced with this mouse is the BlueTrack Technology. Use it to your advantage by mouse-ing on virtually any surface – from an old, rackety wooden table to your living room floor or even your pants.

A neat power switch can be used to save battery when the mouse is not in use – a green light flashes to show that the mouse is on and turns off to save battery life.

A key advantage with the mouse is ambidexterity. The left-handed minority can use it just as well as the right-handed majority.

None of the previous versions of Windows are compatible with this – only 7 & 8. It will take an affordable 100 MB of space on your hard drive and runs on 2 AA batteries (which are included in the package).

Microsoft suggests that the price be $79.95, however you can buy it at Amazon for just $32.97 !

It is something you must have with your computer – every single task gets optimized with this mouse !