MiFi Liberate: Connecting Freedom

The MiFi Liberate is one of Novatel’s most promising offerings in the area of mobile access points. For the uninitiated mobile access points are devices which allow connection to the internet by using mobile signals at any point regardless of the presence of Wifi. The mobile access points are very useful devices for people who are constantly on the move and need access to the internet in places where Wifi or data signal coverage are not available. However you might think this is old news. Whats new? Well the new news is the MiFi sports a touch screen that allows configuring it on the device itself without connecting it up with a computer.

The MiFi liberate really performs with some very recommendable speeds both on upload as well as download. The MiFi speed rivals those of a wired broadband service provider at points. While testing the following speeds were mapped:

Upload: 20.66 Mbps

Download:19.70 Mbps

Liberating Experience: The way this mobile access device provides a liberating experience is in terms of its touchscreen which really allows a very user friendly interface. The 2.8 inch LCD capacitive touch screen allows the user to not only see the connection stats but also allows many other features like sharing possibilities across users connecting using the same device via a micro SD card that can be inserted into its sides. What I really found good going was its powerful battery backup which even with the touch screen allows back ups to 10 hours.

The MiFi Liberate is one liberating device but comes at a price that stands steep at $49.99 for a two year contract which is alright but there is a monthly charge towards LTE connectivity too that comes around $50 per month from AT&T for a 5GB plan. But as I say liberation does come at a price. So get liberated with the MiFi Liberate albeit at a price.