Minecraft Reality:Virtual Creations Brought Alive

You are seeing things in your mind. Am I insulting you.Well not really,this is just how I would like to present minecraft reality,the app that lets you see  the things in your mind as they would appear in the real world.An augmented reality app that allows minecraft players see how the things they create in Minecraft would appear like in the real world, its designed for the iOS.  The minecraft reality operates via uploading creations to a website and then viewing the creations utilizing the device camera of the user.








For the machinehappy gamers out there heres a word of statutory declaration however,the app which has been developed by AR Developer 13th Lab is not compatible with many old version devices like ipod touch 4G and others. So before you go get it from the appstore, I suggest a compatibility check. Rest assured you are going to have a fine time seeing things in your mind.