Mini-iPad release on 17th Oct: Rumors [Specs and Prices]

Initially, it was presumed that in the event when iPhone 5 will be released, Apple will also be unveiling a new range of iPad which will be mini-iPad. Well, it is also said that now when Google has launched their Google Nexus 7 at such a reasonable price with relatively smaller screen as compared to the screens of tablets, Apple decided to launch its competitor version in the market.


Well there is not much information about iPad Mini as of now, as you must be knowing that Apple has the habit of keeping their lips closed when it comes to talking about rumors. But yes, this iPad will be of 7 inches screen and can be presumed to work on A-6 processor, which is most powerful processor embedded in iPad version ever.

The reason behind launching this product can be the new league of products launched by Samsung where the tablet is larger than a mobile phone but small than a normal 10 inch tablet. It is also said that mini-iPad will work on nano-SIM so this creates options for the users who love larger screens and compromise on iPhone for that. Now they will be able to opt mini-iPad if they want to talk on a large apple product.

This mini version is also supposed to have the lightning dock and Panorama feature in the camera. Basically they will be putting all the new electronics hardware stuff of iPhone 5 on this iPad also and as per the leaked images we can expect them to be thinner. Now, when talking about the most important detail which is pricing, I can say that they will be priced at 300 to 350 USD, which is highly affordable when it comes to the range of prices marked by Apple. That said, these prices are again under the category of rumor.

Summing Up everything.

  • Mini-iPad, offering a hybrid between iPhone and large iPads.
  • Lower price range as compared to 10-inch iPads, makes it more affordable for the customers.
  • They are tend to be slimmer and will be equipped with new components like lightning dock, A6 chip etc. So they will be the first with all the new components in the family of iPads.