The Diamond Edged Headphones: Monster Diamond Tears Edge

MachineHappy Speak: The perfect acoustic experience is something that I am on the look out for almost everyday that I live my life. And that’s precisely the reason why I had compiled the top 5 headsets that I ever experienced earlier. In the same vein I was bristling through the endless limits of the web in search of that 10/10 headset some time back and I came across this headset featuring a diamond edge to it. The Monster Diamond Tears Edge headset really catch your attention with the design on it. Take my word for it, even the packaging comes like solitaire diamond jewellery packaging. Although I didn’t really feel that the best audio output is on feature here, still the very opulence of the headsets and a definitely qualitative audio output (not the best but good to go) made me put up this video curated from hifiguy528 out here.

The Monster Diamond Tears Edge headphones come priced at $299.95

Check out the video for an opulent audio experience.