Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World

Did you think flagship phones from Samsung and Apple are expensive? Well, think again. The price of those flagship phones don’t even come close to a fraction of the prices of these phones.

12) Ulysse Nardin The Chairman Diamond Edition: $129,000

From the stables of luxury watch makers Ulysse Nardin comes this white beast. It features a combination of 3,000 round cut diamonds and 18 carat white gold. The phone has been developed by Ulysse Nardin in partnership with Scientific Cellular Innovations. The device has been designed keeping in mind the rich history of Ulysse Nardin, for example the volume rocker is designed to look like the buttons found on the sides of their watches. The knob is functional too, it can be wound to generate power for the device. How? Well, Ulysse Nardin has incorporated their kinetic power system and is visible at the back of the device. Now what about the geeky stuff? To be frank, Ulysse Nardin has not left any stones unturned, the device has a 3.5inch touch screen with full on-screen QWRETY keyboard (in addition to a physical number pad), runs on Android, an 8MP cam, 32GB of internal storage and also comes with a fingerprint reader! What makes it more exclusive is the fact that only 100 of this edition will ever be made. You will also get a tag at the back telling you which among the 100 is yours.

11) iPhone Princess Plus: $176,400

Designed by Peter Aloisson, the device is an iPhone with a body made from 18 carat white gold and has 320 diamonds encrusted on the bezels. The device gets its name from the 138 princess cut diamonds used.


10) Sony Ericsson Black Diamond: $300,000

Designed by Singapore based Jaren Goh, this is an impressive looking device. Made from materials like titanium, and has a polycarbonate front with mirror finish. It is a device which will make heads turn. As much as it is impressive on the outside, it is as depressing on the inside. It is powered by a 400MHz processor, a 2 inch screen using OLED technology, 128MB internal memory and a 4MP cam. The 128MB memory is negligible in today’s world, so SE has provided microSD support. But only upto 2GB, a bit too less for a device with a big price tag.

9) Vertu Signature Cobra: $310,000

One pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, a snake made up of two emeralds and 439 rubies, which is all that one will talk about when it comes to this phone. Apart from this the phone is gold plated and runs Symbian OS. Some might call it hideous and others beautiful, but it is something only a few can own. It is even more so since there are only eight of them. Also it is the most expensive device ever produced by Vertu.

8) Goldvish Revolution: $488,150

This is Swiss company Goldvish’s second most expensive device. With a candy bar form with rounded ends, the device is made up of pink and white gold, diamonds, sapphire glass display and the finest leather. It also has an analog watch made by Frederic Jouvenot, which can be detached from the device. Only 30 Revolutions have been made.

7) Goldvish Le Million: $1 million

GoldVish’s most expensive device. It is gold plated and has 120-carat VVS-1 graded diamonds. It was even listed on Guinness Book of Worlds Records as the most expensive and exclusive mobile phone in the world. Yes, you read it right, “exclusive”. Only three have ever been made. Spec wise, it has a 1.3inch screen, a 2MP cam and no 3G. The device,like its price, looks like something that is not from this planet.

6) Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot: $1 million

Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is luxury mobile phone maker Gresso’s most expensive model. The phone case is made up 180g of pure gold and has black diamonds encrusted. The keys are made up of sapphire, with the numbers and letters laser engraved. The phone also has a wood inset on the back. Yes, wood, apparently from a 200 year old African Blackwood. Like the Le Million, there will only be three Jackpots, each with their unique number engraved on the back.

5) Diamond Crypto Smartphone: $1.3 million

Another mobile phone which was once the most expensive phone in the world. Designed by luxury accessories maker Peter Aloisson and built by JSC Ancort. The whole device casing is made of solid platinum with the exception of the Ancort logo, navigation keys and the wood sides. The Ancort logo and the navigation keys are made of rose gold. The navigation keys also carry 28 round cut diamonds. The device in total has 50 diamonds of which 10 are rare blue ones. The wood on the sides are made of macassar ebony, which have been hand polished. The device has a TFT screen and runs on Windows CE.

4) iPhone 3G Kings Button: $2.5 million

Another creation from the workshop of Peter Aloisson. It is just another iPhone 3G, but with some shiny additions. The exterior is made up of 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The white gold strip on the sides is encrusted with 138 brilliant cut diamonds. That is not all the diamonds found on the device. There is one more, a huge 6.6 carat diamond in place of its home button.

3) Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme: $3.2 million

This creation is designed by Stuart Hughes. The casing is made with 271 grams of 22 carat gold. The front bazels house 136 flawless diamonds. Even the rear logo is encrusted with 53 diamonds and the front home button houses a 7.1 carat diamond. With the huge price tag, your iPhone is delivered in a granite chest which has been made from a single block of granite. The device is a 32GB version of the 3GS.

2) Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose: $8 million

Another one from Stuart Hughes. But this device costing more than twice the previous one. This device has 500 diamonds which total over 100 carats. The back is made of rose gold and the logo is made up of 53 diamonds. But still the star attraction is the diamond on the home button. The one on this device is a 7.4 carat single cut pink diamond. Like the previous 3GS supreme, this device also comes in a granite chest weighing a massive 7Kg. Only two of this design have ever been made, so it makes it more exclusive.

1) Stuart Hughes iPhone 4S Elite Gold: $9.4 million

Topping our list is another Stuart Hughes design and it is again an iPhone. According to its creators, the bezel is handmade and is encrusted with 500 flawless diamonds which total over 100 carats. The rear panel is made of 24 carat gold. The logo too is made using 24 carat gold and is encrusted with 53 diamonds. The home button, like the previous iPhones houses the main attraction. In this device it is an 8.6 carat diamond. Included in the price tag is a 7.4 carat diamond, just in case you lose the 8.6 carat one. Luckily, a giant 7Kg granite chest is not included.  Instead you get a chest is made from solid Platinum with polished pieces of original dinosaur bone from a T-REX along with rare stones such as Opal ,Pietersite, Charoite , Rutile Quartz ,Star Sunstone.