Motorola goes rampant- Expected to launch Moto G Ferrari and LTE variants.


Motorola is expected to unveil several variants of its prodigy the Moto G. The company has already released a variant called Forte which comes clad with a rubberized body cover. Moto G has won accolades numerous times in the smartphone world because of its low pricing and the complete set of features it houses.

The Moto G storm is somewhat just settled and Motorola doesn’t like it, they want to kick another storm so that Moto G still sells strong. Xataka a Mexican blog came up with sightings of a lesser priced Moto G called the Moto E (Yeah! Motorola can design a new alphabetic chart for toddlers with a device for each letter). The Moto E will have some cuts in terms of memory, screen size and the price tag. Xataka also gave some insights on the Moto G Ferrari edition and the Moto G LTE.

Moto G Ferrari edition will be clad with the traditional Ferrari red colored backpanel and will also have the Italian race car manufacturer’s logo etched along with the Motorola Logo. This edition would be devoid of any changes under the hood and it would house the same set of hardware the stock G would have. Moto LTE will have an LTE chip and would cost somewhere between 15k-18k putting the non LTE Samsung Galaxy S5 priced thrice the Moto G to shame. Motorola seems hell bent to appease every living being on this earth and come up with tens of variants just to do that. Let’s just hope that the limited editions don’t turn out to be tacky. Admist the fanfare Motorola have also decided to update the Moto X and call it a Moto X+1(Now that’s the kind of Math kids will love)