Motorola Unveiled Its New Bluetooth Device: Moto Hint

Motorola unveiled its new Bluetooth device called Moto Hint. Just as the name suggests this handsfree carries a hint from Motorola’s previous Bluetooth device called H9. This tiny earbud makes you feel that you belong from the movie “Her”. This device is ultra cool and its minuscule design makes it stand apart from the lot.


The Hint is smaller than the H9, looks better, and includes a sensor that lets Hint know when it’s in or out of your ear. This device can function like your personal assistant. It can read out your messages, announce your callers, can send emails, search contacts, make calls to your contacts and can even give you driving directions. When you pop it in, it will start listening and automatically route your phone’s audio into it. As soon as you take it out, it powers down to save battery and switches the audio back to your phone.  So now you need not look into your phone for everything. The Moto Hint is built to act as a companion for your new Moto X 2nd Gen and it leverages the phone’s amazing voice assistant.


This device is too tiny to carry a big battery and matter of fact it continuously reads and functions when popped in your ears, its battery doesn’t last too long. It has a battery life of only 3.3 hours. So it becomes necessary for you to carry its charger. It is available in various sizes and colors to choose from. One can find the best fit and color pattern they want. Now that gets you rid of standard ugly looking Bluetooth devices. You need to pay $149.99 to get your hands on this device.