MP3 Free With Auto Rip Enabled CD: AutoRip Service

Amazon AutoRipAmazon has unveiled as per expectation under cover of CES 2013 an AutoRip service that allows anyone who buys the AutoRip enabled CD to have the same tracks in MP3 from the cloud free. The AutoRip service debuted this morning. When consumers buy an AutoRip-enabled CD, they automatically get the MP3 version for free, and those MP3 versions will be available for streaming or downloading from Amazon’s Cloud Player. The MP3 tracks are available immediately, even before the buyer receives the CD.

The service launched now is applicable to all AutoRip enabled CDs from 1998, as per a release by Amazon.

As per Amazon’s release heres how you can listen to AutoRip music: You can find all of your AutoRip music in the Purchased playlist in your Amazon Cloud Player library. AutoRip purchases are marked with an AutoRip logo in your Cloud Player library. You can stream and download all of your music from your Cloud Player library on your computer’s browser or any of your Amazon Cloud Player enabled devices.

The titles that are available now on the AutoRip CD list include  Green Day’s “Tre,” Mumford & Sons’ “Babel,” Taylor Swift’s “Red,” Paul Simon’s remastered “Graceland,” and Eric Clapton’s 1970s classic “Slowhand.”