MSI slider S20 is out!

We have not seen some gadgets from MSI in the recent times. Tablets race has become so intense that almost every company made their presence felt in the market with exciting features and economical prices. MSI is not in that list; however, Ultrabook segment is still wide open and MSI has released a new model.


Slider S20 Ultrabook by MSI has a catchy look with 11.6 inch screen and is different from other existing models. It offers a sliding screen and its ‘laptop’ mode stands in the middle of chassis. Well, that means the device will have a keyboard without any wrist support! If your notebook is on the desk, you cannot comfortably type things for sure. Need not mention, slider S20 will not have touch pad but has the touch display to use the screen interaction.
Just to add, this device is quite similar to Asus’s Transformer slide which was not quite successful in the market. If that touch display works properly or not, only specific models should decide as MSI is not known highly for its build quality.
To address the connectivity, the device has mini HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet port and audio jack. This slider will be best useful during travel than completely trusting it as a fully featured machine. Windows 8 will be boarded on these gadgets.