Mugen Power’s 6400mAh Battery For Samsung Galaxy Note II

We all know that Samsung’s Galaxy Note II has a huge 3100mAh battery, which will last for a long time on a single charge. But for those who think that the 3100mAh battery is bit too small (seriously?), we give you Mugen Power’s 6400mAh battery! Yes, twice the capacity. With this huge battery one can go on for days on a single charge. But, with greater capacity comes a problem of size. Since the battery bay on the Galaxy Note II was made for the “tiny” 3100mAh battery and the fact that it cannot be altered, guys at Mugen Power made the battery thicker. Now comes the problem of the back cover not fitting in. So they are giving a custom back panel too, which now makes the Galaxy Note II hideous to look at. And to add to that, you get a chrome stand too. Well, as few people say, to gain something you will have to lose something, and that seems to be the case here.  The battery is priced at $106. If you want a bigger battery and have no issues with the increase in thickness of the device or the looks, the new 6400mAh battery is a good buy.