New Addition to the NEXUS family soon?

The whole internet is abuzz with rumours of a new Nexus, which many expect will be released this November. As with the case about rumours related to a new device, there are different versions stated by different people. But before we discuss about the rumours, let us look back at what Nexus is. Nexus devices, many Android lovers will agree are an epitome of Android devices. These devices are produced by Google in collaboration with select hardware manufacturer and always come with the latest Android version.  Now some might say, what is so special about these devices compared to other smartphones? Here is the difference; these devices come with stock Android. Stock Android is Android OS without carrier or manufacturer modifications and these devices come with an unlockable bootloader. These are some of the reasons why these devices are a hit among Android developers and fans.

Now back to present, the last Nexus smartphone was the Galaxy Nexus (or Galaxy X in Brazil) which was released in Nov 2011 and was the first smartphone to come with Android 4.0 ICS. Another member Nexus 7, a 7.7 inch tablet (the only tablet in the Nexus family till date)from ASUS was launched recently on 27th June and became the first device to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now as history shows a lot is expected from the new Nexus smartphone. So here is what we expect from the new device.


HTC and Samsung each have manufactured two Nexus smartphones. HTC  manufactured G1 and Nexus One, Samsung got the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. ASUS was the lucky one who got to manufacture the first Nexus tablet; the Nexus 7. Now according to many of the rumours, the manufacturer for the upcoming Nexus smartphone will be LG. The first timer LG, is rumoured to have based the new smartphone on its new Optimus G smartphone.

But according to a report by people at mobot , it does not seem so. The report goes on to say “Dan Morrill took to Google+ with the following: Reading rumor sites…. LOL”. But the report fails to tell if Dan Morrill was referring to LG being the manufacturer or not.

For now we will go along with majority of the rumours and bank on LG being the manufacturer.

Operating System

Galaxy Nexus was the first to be out with ICS and Nexus 7 was the first to be out with Jelly Bean. So if we follow history of the Nexus family, we can say that the new Nexus will come out with a new version of Android. The new Android version is rumoured to be called Key Lime Pie. But Google had launched Jelly Bean just few months back, this leads us to think if the new nexus will run a new version of Android or not. Even if they use Jelly Bean, there will be some really cool stuff added to the phone.

If we go by statistics, 23.7 percent of all Android devices are running on Ice Cream Sandwich, and 1.8 percent running Jelly Bean. So there is a really high probability of Google not introducing a new version of Android. If they do, sales of devices running Jelly Bean will go down as people will tend to wait for the new OS. We don’t think Google is willing to jeopardise sales of devices running Jelly Bean. So all bets are on an enhanced version of Jelly Bean for the new Nexus.


Frankly speaking, there are some really exciting rumours going around especially about the hardware.  The processor is going to be a quad-core for sure; the only trouble is guessing the clock rate. With the announcement of the HTC One X+, the new Nexus has some tough competition. If the new Nexus has to out-do other smartphones in the market in-terms of clock rate, it has to have a clock rate of or more than 1.6GHz. If we go by rumours, we don’t expect anything below 1.5GHz. The processor will most probably be a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon. The display is expected to be a 4.7 inch True-High Definition IPS display. There are some rumours which state that the new Nexus will have a retina display. The same was expected for the Galaxy S3, but which has been proven wrong. So it will mostly be the IPS display. The new Nexus is expected to have an 8MP cam, at least 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Another feature that will be on for sure is LTE. LTE is becoming a standard these days with all flagship smartphones.

In A Nut Shell

Manufacturer: Mostly Likely LG

Processor:  Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon clocked at 1.5GHz minimum

OS: Jelly Bean

Display: HD IPS display

Display size: 4.7 inch


Storage: 32GB at least

Cam: 8MP or more

Connectivity: NFC, 3G, LTE

So sit back and wait for a really awesome smartphone this November.