New Blackberry Messenger-Free Voice Calls Over WiFi

RIM is going all out in its efforts to recapture its lost sheen.With much at stake with  its much hyped and awaited Blackberry 10 OS RIM is focusing on every point that would give it the edge . In this lead up RIM is also  developing the Blackberry Messenger service and getting ready to roll out BBM 7.0 which will integrate voice calls ,moving away from the messenger service alone.The voice calling is an add on to the BBM which would be convenient to make voice calls wherein a Wifi network is available,allowing the users to reduce their call spend.However the service is only valid amongst BBM users alone. Initiating a call via BBM voice would be very easy considering all you would need to do to initiate a call is press the dial button after selecting the contact against whom the voice status is updated available. Blackberry messenger voice will be available only via Wifi networks and it is not being planned for use via 3G or LTE networks any time soon.Although it is not clear as to whether the BBM voice will feature in the Blackberry 10 OS launching in January but the probabilistic action would be to have it feature in the OS because a gem of a feature as such could do wonders for the success of the new OS and for brand Blackberry.