New Samsung Touchwiz version pops-up after $1bn fine

Recently you must have Samsung has been fined with 1bn USD which will be given to Apple, though Apple provided the estimate of their loss to 2.5bn but jury came up with this decision but did not put any interruption on the production or sales of current devices.


Apple made their complaint regarding 28 devices of Samsung (out of 37 devices), out of which jury agreed to 21 of them and rejected the others. Apple filled the cases accusing Samsung for the infringement of the patent agreements and in return Samsung counter attacked Apple on the same case accusing Apple to change their terms and conditions after the agreement was made. In the result to this case all the accusations by Samsung were rejected the above mentioned amount was fined to Samsung.

This case has also been filed in 3 other countries including UK, Australia and South Korea, all the accusation related to software were made on the style of icons, layout of keypad and other few things on Samsung Android skin Touchwiz. You might know that this version of Touchwiz was renewed with the release of Samsung Galaxy 3 and now when they are about to release another product named Samsung Galaxy 5.8 Media Player, they have updated their new version of Touchwiz changing all those icons and other features which were claimed to be copied by Apple.

You can see some screenshots above, but we will update you with the good amount of details once it gets released on IFA which will start off next week. As per now you will not even find this on Samsung Mobile website. But yes this new version of Samsung touchwiz, will not take any blame by Apple but yes there were hardware accusations also, which were the part of that case, I hope they will take care of hardware issues also.

As far as the case is concerned then Apple needs a string base to put a ban on the production of Samsung products. A fine of 1, 2 or 3bn USD will not stop Samsung from acquiring 50 percent of mobile market as they will quickly recover from the profits or I should say that it will be short term gain over Samsung. Let us see how this case will go in the rest of the countries.