New Security Feature On Android 4.2 To Stop Malwares


We all know about the new features of Google’s Android 4.2, which was launched this week. But what we missed are the new security features. If you are an Android app developer, you will be familiar with how Google checks for malicious codes in apps, submitted to Google Play Store. Google has added something similar to Android 4.2. The new security feature checks if the app that you are installing is harmful or not. This check is only applicable to apps that are installed from sources other than Google Play. The system, basically, cross verifies with the Google Play Store database and checks for entries related to the app. If it recognizes the app to be safe, the installation continues. But if it matches a know malicious app, it stops it from installing. And what if it does not have any info on the app, like a self developed app? Well, it will ask you, if you want to install it or not. And you can disable it too (we recommend not to) in the security settings.

Another security feature added is that the device alerts you if any app that is trying to send any messages. This is especially useful when apps try to send messages which get charged in your bill. So the device again, asks if you want to let the app send the message or not. So its up to you to decide if you want to increase your bill. These new security features gives us more reasons to buy an Android 4.2 powered device i.e if you haven’t considered it already.

Source ComputerWorld

via TheVerge