Breaking News: Nexus 4 Rear Glass

All the Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with new innovations to bring  smartphones with new features in the market which will improve their sales. One of the new feature which was included was the rear glass panel in smartphones like Nexus 4, LG Optimus G and  the new releases of Sony C530X series which gave them a cool and elegant look, compared to other normal smartphones.

But after spending so much and taking care about your smartphone with rear glass you come to know that your glass will break not only by dropping or damaging your smartphone but by the natural climatic change. You will be more then heartbroken by the news for Nexus 4 Rear Glass  and also other similar products which will make you think   why did you go for the smartphone with rear glass and paid extra for this feature.”

A strange issue that had been noted some time ago was that the rear glass panel of the LG Nexus 4 cracked when the temperature suddenly changed. According to a report by Droid Life, one of the authors had experienced a rather weird situation. He says, “Both the Optimus G and Nexus 4 cracked in my possession without ever dropping them. You know what did it? Setting them down gently onto my room temperature stone countertop. That’s it. The temperature change after it went from my warm hand to a room temperature countertop was apparently enough to split both devices’ glass backs almost directly down the middle. To think, that deciding whether or not my device is going to crack just by laying it down gently, is something my mind doesn’t even want to entertain. But that’s where I’ll be should I decide that I want a Nexus 4 that no longer looks this way.”

Let’s hope that the manufacturers come out with the new innovation and solve this issue as soon as possible.If nothing is done fast it’s really going to effect the sales of these smartphones which could have given good competition to Apple’s rear glass loaded smartphones.

Source: Droid life, Tech2